Soon you will be seeing several new products exclusively available by NIRVC’s show team. This team travels all over the country bringing authentic, necessary, and innovative products to help improve your RV lifestyle. Products like THIA by Proteng…the solution for a whole coach fire suppression system, or RettroBand® a lifesaving, run-flat device which acts like a spare tire within your tire! It may also help you avoid costly damage occurring when a front steer tire blow-out takes you by surprise. Now your friends from OTR Distribution and National Indoor RV Centers bring you, Internet on the Go!

With so much of our lives now dependent on good internet, the AIM Club has partnered with Internet on the Go to bring you a solid solution to your internet woes. Internet on the Go is not a WiFi extender, or a cell phone booster. Internet on the Go brings you a package with quality hardware and a monthly service designed specifically for those people who are on the go. People like RVers who are traveling from place to place. People like RVers who find themselves fortunate enough to be a full-timer. People like RVers who are now working from their rigs on a full or part-time basis.

Here’s how it works. The hardware is an internet router made by a company called Pep Wave. The device contains not one, but two sim cards. This allows the device to house two different cellular carriers, ie. T-Mobile/Verizon, Verizon/AT&T or AT&T/T-Mobile. As you are traversing down the highways and byways of this beautiful country, your router is seamlessly connecting itself to the strongest cellular signal it senses. No exterior mounts needed, btw. Internet on the Go has contracts with all three major cellular companies to bring its customers the best pricing available on the market today.

When you purchase the router (a onetime cost of $925.00) basically at cost, and…I might add, at a better price than we were able to find anywhere else on the market today, you gain access to a new world of connectivity. Even better, available exclusively to AIM Club members, a $50.00 discount on the hardware. So…an AIM Club member price now becomes even better at just $875.00. Couple that, with the negotiated contracts Internet on the Go has been successful in attaining, the monthly fee runs just $189.00 per month with no locked in contract period, basically a month-to-month plan. There are no slowdown speeds, and each subscription comes with 300GB of data. For reference, the average movie download is just 6MB’s (1000MB’s = 1GB). Keep in mind, this is completely separate from your current mobile contract(s). Your subscription comes directly from Internet on the Go. Normal pricing from any one of those carriers is $400 – $600 per month for this type of data package.

We feel fortunate to be working with Internet on the Go and know you will feel the same. Set up for the program is fairly simple and takes a short amount of time. You can purchase one of these systems at an upcoming AIM Club Rally, or if you are impatient like I am, we can have a system drop-shipped directly to the address of your choice and walk you through the process right over the phone.


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