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Visiting an RV campsite in your fancy new RV is easily the best way to camp. The awesome part about RV parks is that they offer something for everyone, meaning everyone can get their own unique adventure out of them. Some campers prefer to spend quiet evenings watching the stars while others are focused on perfecting their grilling skills. There’s no single right way to camp, meaning RV campsites offer plenty of flexibility!

That said, your neighbor’s sense of adventure might be completely different from yours, and it’s important to respect that. To that end, here are the unspoken rules of RV camping.


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Keep your campground clean.

This one should be a no-brainer, but every RVer has experienced a messy campsite at some point or another. Just follow the golden rule and leave every campsite in the same condition that you’d want to find it in. Nobody likes spending the first hour of RV camping picking up someone else’s beer cans, after all.

Don’t park RIGHT next to another camper (unless you have to).

If your campsite allows you to pick your own spaces, then consider giving your RV neighbors a little space. As a plus, you’ll be getting extra space too! In the event that a cramped campground or an inflexible reservation system requires you to park next to another camper, try and be mindful of their space by giving them plenty of activity room in front of their RV.

Do arrive (and set up) early.

Every RV camper also has a horror story of a group that kept the entire campground up by driving in late and setting up at midnight. While people are attracted to RV camping for a wide variety of reasons, they’re united in distaste for these kinds of campers. When in doubt, plan to arrive at your campsite as early as possible so that you can unpack, set up, and enjoy the rest of your day. Even though RV camping is chock full of fun detours, distractions, and delays, planning for an early setup gives you better leeway if your schedule changes.

Don’t knock on doors unless there’s an emergency.

RV campers are a notoriously friendly crowd, and there’s always bound to be something exciting going on at a campsite–be it a campfire or a pickup game of frisbee golf. However, you also want to respect other campers’ space and privacy. While it can be tempting to go door-to-door in order to make new friends (especially if they’ve bought the newest model of your favorite class A, B, or even Super C motorhome!), refrain from actually knocking on someone’s door unless there’s something URGENT that they need to know about.

Do be mindful of pets.

RVers are a diverse group, and they come with an equally diverse range of pets. As you never know how friendly an animal might be, make sure to give a respectful distance to any pets you encounter, especially if you’ve got your own pet with you. If a cute-looking dog turns out to be aggressive, you’ll likely prefer to find that out from its owner–nobody likes explaining a Chihuahua bite to the paramedics

Don’t hog the shared bathroom.

We get it, camping can get messy. Any RV campsite is going to have plenty of opportunities for muddy adventures, and that can mean having to hose off at the end of a long day. That said, remember that the campsite’s shared bathroom is just that: a SHARED bathroom. Nobody likes having to wait in line for the bathroom because another camper is doing all of their dishes in the sink.

By following these best practices, you can better enjoy your time at RV campsites and keep your fellow campers happy while you do so! Remember that other RV campers are also at the campsite to go on adventures of their own, and that can look different for everyone. By being respectful of other campers’ privacy, space, and pets, you can keep things cordial – and make some new friends while you’re at it!

Happy travels!