Greetings and a hearty welcome to all the new AIM Club members who have joined us since the last quarterly e-newsletter! We are happy you are here with us having the time of our lives and loving this thing we like to call the RV Lifestyle. Whether you have joined due to a friends suggestion or because you stumbled across us online or at an FMCA Rally, we are glad you’re here. You will find we like to have a lot of fun…most of that emanates from our rally’s. So hopefully you’ve had a chance to check those out. Don’t be discouraged if they are sold out. Always get on the wait list, lot’s of things change from the time folks sign up for a rally and when the rally actually takes place leaving openings for wait-listers all along the way.

For everyone else…keep an eye out on Facebook and on your email for news, announcements, etc. for new rallys opening up for the end of the year as well as into next year. We will start sending out a note with a 5-day warning as to when events will open up for registrations. There has been some speculation that I have been playing favorites and giving some AIM Club members secret information as to when rallies will open. Let me tell you, I do not have foreknowledge as to when a rally is scheduled to open for registration. Heather and her events team do a great job, and I do not plan to start stepping on her toes. She gives me the same notice to get signed up as all of you. In fact, there has been a time or two where I too have missed getting in and have to put our names on the waitlist. The timing as to a launch of a rally is something I like to stay far away from. I love to be able to look each of you in the eye and tell you Bonnie and I are on the same level playing field you are.

A couple of things which have been on my mind lately.

First, fuel prices. I know what you’re thinking, and my pain is as deep as all of yours. It gives me absolutely no joy in filling my 150-gallon fuel tank up when we take the coach out on a trip. I have learned a few things along the way and believe me when I say it is not easy teaching this old dog new tricks. And…it’s true, sometimes technology can be our friend, especially, when it comes to some of these fuel apps. I’ve found several that have been helpful, and I know Chuck and his team are scouting for one to use as a partner of AIM. He’s getting closer, but he is trying hard to make sure the benefits for AIM Club members are really good. I’ve had experience with some of the following: Open Roads, MudFlap & TruckerPath. Each time I’ve used these I’ve saved a nice chunk of change on my fill-ups. I know you will too. If you can be patient, like I said we are hoping to have a new partner/sponsor in place designed for the AIM club.

Secondly, I’ve had a real hard time keeping the batteries in my Select Comfort remote from dying. I’m not sure what it is. My guess…there is a trickle charge taking place when the remote is in sleep mode. To counter this, I place a small piece of cardboard in between the two batteries. This has made the batteries last a whole lot longer.

And finally, it’s a new year…with a new year comes new challenges, new adventures, and a reminder from me to make sure you are all up to date on your coaches maintenance schedule(s). Sometimes when things work, we forget about them. We only tend to address the items on our coach’s which are not working. Areas of my coach that come to mind, my AquaHot, my jacks, my roof (making sure it’s been inspected, making sure seals are solid, no cracks, no breaks in the bead…you get the idea.) If you have water heaters/Oasis/AquaHot systems and/or furnaces make sure those areas of your coaches are cleaned and free from cobwebs, dirt, etc. Remember, these areas should be serviced once every year to keep them working properly. I always forget to wash my A/C filters so make sure those stay nice and clean.

Off my soapbox now, you’re probably way more on the ball with your maintenance than I am, but it was on my list of to do’s, thought you’d like to have it on your list of to do’s as well.

So until we see each other at a rally or some type of event soon, so long! Can’t wait until we get to have another fun time making new memories and experiencing new adventures together!