The season is here, the coach is fired up and ready to go.  Bonnie and I have already been to Auburndale, FL for both AIM Rallies and the Tampa SuperShow and now we are headed out west to attend the back-to-back Las Vegas AIM Rallies with an FMCA International Convention sandwiched right in-between.  We are looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful country, meeting new friends and loving the sights and sounds Las Vegas, Nevada and Tucson, Arizona have to offer.

 Our club is growing by leaps and bounds and we welcome all those who have just joined and express our excitement at catching up with and meeting you at an upcoming AIM event.  We are hoping you will find, as we have, that whether you are driving a Class B, a Class C, a Gas Class A or a Diesel Pusher of some kind, the AIM Club is excited to have you as part of the family.  Having a diverse set of brands and owners to go with them, is what makes our club so exciting and fun.

 I often have conversations with members about their frustrations of getting into the rallies.  Frequently, you will see, on Facebook, other members who will encourage those who can’t seem to get in, to always join the waitlist.  I know we have talked about this before, but I thought it was worth mentioning again.  Always, always, always get on the waitlist.  Keep in mind, we sign up for rallies 6 months to even a year in advance.  Many circumstances change between the time we sign up for rallies and the time the actual rally takes place.  When folks start to cancel for various reasons, the events team goes straight to the waitlist.  For most of those on the waitlist, the events team is able to secure a spot.  Always pay attention to your email, when a spot does become available, an email is sent out letting you know…you are next on the waitlist, along with an invitation to register for the event. We sure want as many of you to be able to join the rallies as possible.

 Can’t wait to catch up with many of you, and to meet lot’s more new friends out there on the road or at an AIM event soon!  Until then, safe travel & happy RV adventures!