In 2024, the AIM Club has partnered with some brand-new sponsors.  Some of you have seen some emails come out to you from Fantasy RV Tours with some exclusive AIM Club Member only events.  Some of you may have also noted at some of the AIM Club Rally’s that our Events team has had products on display for purchase to make your RV lifestyle more convenient and more enjoyable with items from Garmin (RV GPS), TST TPMS systems, Garmin DashCam, etc.  The company we bring those products to you through is called TechnoRV.

We have been working behind the scenes with TechnoRV to also provide a new Fuel Saving Program called RV Fuel Saver.  The program is now live and is presently for Diesel RV’s who utilize the commercial lanes at some of America’s largest truck stops.  These partners provide significant savings to you right at the pump.  Similar to other fuel saving products on the market, RV Fuel Saver’s biggest partner out there is TA/Petro.

A few big differences, with RV Fuel Saver you can choose to utilize your favorite MasterCard or Visa, (no AMEX at this point) or tie it to your Debit Card!  This allows RVers to benefit both from the fuel savings as well as the benefit(s) provided by your credit card, ie. Frequent Flyer Mile points, or Cash Back, etc. Once the App is downloaded, (both Android/Apple versions are available) you will have access to the map of stations along with the retail and discounted pricing available at those participating stations.  There are about 1100 stations nationally participating with more jumping on board all the time.

The is a WIN/WIN for the AIM Club, not only do we have a fantastic Fuel Saving opportunity for you, but we also are getting some sponsorship funds back from the Fuel Companies you purchase your fuel from.  The more fuel you purchase, the greater the discount we can negotiate on your behalf.  You can grab a card at your next AIM Rally event, or visit  for more information and to order a card to be shipped directly to you.  They charge just for postage & handling, $4.99.