The inaugural Music City Motorhome Expo VIP Experience is officially in the history books. The event centered around revolutionizing the buying experience for RV enthusiasts and newbies. The mission was to bring all manufacturers together with all new model-year products and allow customers to test drive the RVs, meet with industry executives, and get every question answered across multiple brand lines. And let’s not forget there was no pressure! There was plenty of time to think things over while enjoying great food, amazing musical guests, and fellow RVers who could offer their insights, too! If people still felt undecided before the show’s end, no worries. Everyone still has a year to think things through and get their full admission credited to the cost of their coach before NIRVC hosts their 2nd annual MCM Expo!

Are you sad you missed out on this year’s event? No worries! NIRVC plans to host the MCM Expo again next year! So get ready, and stay tuned for more information soon. In the meantime, enjoy some photos from this year’s MCM Expo.