There are almost countless roadside assistance companies to choose from. It seems that each day a new company is popping up or branching out to offer roadside assistance. So how do you choose? Who should you rely on when you need help? On paper, an uncritical eye could easily have similar sentiments about roadside assistance companies. “They’re all the same. They all provide roadside assistance.” So why do so many RVers choose Coach-Net as the people they call when they need help? What makes Coach-Net different? The answer is deeply rooted, but it can probably be summarized with just one word: culture.

One defining characteristic which makes Coach-Net different from other roadside assistance programs is the fact that Coach-Net employees are RVers. Vice President of Sales, Kim Gregory, further explains, “The only way to truly empathize with RVers and their very unique needs is to go and experience it. It’s difficult to service something if you don’t understand it.”

For this reason, Coach-Net proudly owns not just one, but two RVs – a motorized and a towable unit both available for employees to go camping with family and friends, at no cost. They want every employee to have that personal camping experience making them more knowledgeable in their jobs and, inherently, making them more compassionate to RVers’ struggles.

Coach-Net prides themselves on being RV experts; a passion which is easily evident in all that they do. Anyone who steps foot in their office is immediately immersed in the RV lifestyle. The reception area greets visitors with their oversized Coach-Net sign perched above a giant silhouette of an RV camping scene. As you venture further, you’ll see one of their main walls prominently displaying their mission statement and core values as a testament to any visitors, and as a constant reminder to their team. Coach-Net’s mission is “To create a carefree RV experience so Members can focus on making memories with their friends and families”.



RVing is about enjoying one-of-a-kind experiences in some of the most unique places. RVers seek to create irreplaceable memories through personalized travels. So it only makes sense that when RVers inevitably encounter a moment where they need help, they should call someone who is invested in their passion and understanding of their unique needs. When you call Coach-Net needing help, you’re not just a random number struggling with some foreign issue. The person answering the phone has personal experience camping. They have explored the inside and outside of an RV, and consequently have a level of compassion that someone who has never RVed simply can’t replicate. There will always be other companies that offer roadside assistance. There will always be other companies that may even appear similar on paper. But at their core, Coach-Net is truly different. Their unique culture permeates everything they do, and their passion for RVing, and helping fellow RVers, is unparalleled and irreplaceable.

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