Revolutionary Fire Suppression & Detection System - From Racecars to Rv's... Proteng Fire Safety.

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

You have a lot to keep safe - Your RV, your family, your pets.

With PROTENG, you get automatic fire detection and instant action fire suppression to help safeguard all that you love, and give you additional time to safely exit your RV.

Customized for your RV! - Each system is expertly installed by our NIRVC service technicians to maximize your PROTENG system's detection and suppression capabilities throughout your entire RV.

Fire suppression system for more than just your engine! - Safeguard your engine + battery, inverter, fuse boxes, transfer switch, dash... any fire-prone area of your RV.

Innovative patent pending system! - Suppresses fire without using toxic chemicals and doesn't damage interiors & electronics.

PROTENG TUBE + HEAT = INSTANT ACTION fire suppression for your RV!

Call 800-210-0692 for more information or schedule installation for your RV.

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